19 Best Client Portal Plugins that You Can Use on WordPress

client-portalClient portal is basically a space for your customers where they may login, reach and download information. While there are several ways to create client portals such as using google drive or white label client portals, today we will talk about how to create a client portal on WordPress.

A Reminder Before Starting

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WordPress as you know, is the most widely used content management system through which users may create their own websites. It offers its users a variety of plugins that may help them create their own client portals. Through the wordpress, you may add these client portal plugins basically. These may help you to deliver different services which may include:


  • Users can manage their registrations
  • They can submit their questions or requests(support,etc.)
  • Your clients may upload or download data that they want
  • They can manage their accounts
  • You may offer subscriptions through the portal
  • Payment processing pages could be created


Alright, we have covered the main functions that might be offered through the wordpress. You may use different plugins in order to serve diverse requirements. In this post I will basically list the client portals that are often used and give the information about whether they are free or not. After that, the decision of choosing which one is best for your business is up to you. 


Widely used wordpress plugins for offering client portals:


  1. Client Portal
  2. WP - Client
  3. LearnDash
  4. MemberMouse
  5. Awesome Support
  6. Clinked
  7. SuiteDash
  8. OfficeWP
  9. WordPress Customer Portal
  10. Client Dash
  11. Ultimate Private Member Portal
  12. MemberPress
  13. clientResponse
  14. Freelance Manager
  15. Help Scout Desk
  16. Membership 2 Pro
  17. Ultimate Member
  18. Zendesk Client Portal
  19. CRMJetty



Alright, these are the most commonly used plugins that you may use to offer your customers a portal through which they may fulfill their needs. The portal you would choose depends on the specific needs of your customer type. For instance, if you are an ecommerce site you may want to offer your customers a portal where they can manage their registrations. In addition, they should be able to submit their questions or support requests. You should also have a payment processing site. So, the needs that you have will determine which plugin you should use.