About Us

Dating back to 2007 and launched in 2019, Prosoftly is company management software dedicated to enhancing strategic performance of companies as a whole. Additionally, strategic goal setting, job delegation and tracking the company performance are just some of the highlights of our software, which includes machine learning and data analytics together with our experienced customer support engineers.

We have been solving company and management problems for 10+ years as management consultants. What we are doing right now is productizing our solutions and expertise to empower companies and make better business happen. We are passionate about solving companies’ problems to enhance their performance. This is why we have created Prosoftly, a business management software to help companies grow, drive their sales and make management a breeze.

Meet our expert and passionate Prosoftly team here!

You can use Prosoftly as your:

  • CRM
  • Project Management Software
  • Strategic Planning Software
  • Business Planning Software
  • Human Resources Performance Management Software
  • Financial Performance Management and Planning Software
  • Task Management Software
  • Company Management Software
  • Company Performance Management Software
  • Continues Performance Management Software
  • Business Management Software



About Prosoftly