5 Biggest Benefits of CRM System

Have you ever used a CRM software and wondered what benefits it actually gives you, like, what are the benefits of CRM? 

You are not alone.

Some companies may not understand how much CRM makes your job routine easier.

Are you actually aware of the unknown and real advantages of CRM? Let's take a look at it.

What is CRM Software?

As the name suggests, customer relationship management software helps businesses to manage their relationships with their customers on a single platform. This process starts from the first moment that customers contact their future customers with their prospective customers. It covers all the interactions within the sales and marketing pipeline. It also covers the point where sales are made and it covers customer services and client portals after the sales are made. In general, customer relationship management is a kind of software that helps businesses to manage their relationships with their customers effectively and efficiently. It leads customer businesses to grow their companies. In general, these software help three business functions to cherish and they are;

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Customer services

Benefits of CRM

We can itemize advantages of CRM to 5;

  1. Single-handedly manage your customer data and get a better understanding of your customers
  2. Segment your customers better by using all the data
  3. Retain your customers
  4. Faster and More Efficient Communication with Current and Prospective Customers
  5. Reporting and comparison

Single-handedly manage your customer data and get a better understanding of your customers

Managing all the data on a single and cloud-based platform is much more important than just having the data. Let's think of a company that stores its customer data upon simple excel sheets or Google Drive. As you might guess, this can’t be efficient. We wouldn’t like to work in this way. We would like to have an efficient and effective way of managing our customers. It gives us a shared platform that every member of that company can have access to. This way we can understand what customers want, demand, and need from us. In a way, it will centralize the communication within the company and with your customers. You will be able to personalize your communication channels with your customers and have a better understanding of their requests from you. By doing so, you will contribute to your operational efficiency and you will reduce wasted time on your employees' performance when they are trying to get customer information on different platforms. You will change the system entirely in a way that will be more efficient and more effective. When you understand what your customers want and demand you will be easily able to find new sales opportunities, increase your sales and grow your company. 

Last but not least, you will have a strong, consistent and safe system that is protected against any outside violation. We all know for a fact that privacy is one of the hottest topics today. You will have protection from outside hackers in such a protective and well-guarded cloud-based system. When you have all these kinds of data, you will be able to segment your customers in a way that will reflect their own commonalities. This is obviously a marketing-related benefit of CRM software. You will be able to have the information related to the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your customers. On the other hand, you will be able to have the data that relates to the companies that your customers work for. 


Segment your customers better by using all the data

Some demographic information related to our customers that we can learn can be the data related to their marital status, likes and interests, and behavioral decisions. By having and analyzing all this data, you will be able to segment your customers more efficiently and effectively. Your marketing team will be able to understand your customers easily and filter them in a way that will reflect their common characteristics. 

You will be able to engage in industry-wide and countrywide marketing campaigns. You will be doing that by using marketing automation tools (email automation, social media automation, etc.) 


Retain your customers

According to research; keeping an existing customer is six to seven times less costly than getting new ones. That's why customer retention is critical for companies. CRM software helps you understand better what your customers demand.

You are provided with all the necessary information to retain your customers within the company. You will have the data related to the purchase history, past interactions, and market information related to the industry your customers are operating in. You will have a chance to cross-sell and upsell your products or services to increase your sales portfolio. If your customers have any kind of complaints about the products or services that you are offering, you will have a chance to provide them well-designed and all-around sales services again thanks to CRM. 

CRM provides an easy way of communication for you and your customers to easily detect the malfunctioning products that you have provided to your customers and innovate and improve the services that you have provided them in a way that will satisfy your customers' experience. However, if you are a service provider company, a bank, or a company that provides legal services, you will have something called “client portals” attached to the customer relationship management software. Client portals are online information platforms that your customers can have access to. Thanks to them, you will have a chance to exchange information with your customers in a way that is more speedy and more efficient than the traditional methods. 

We know that customer relationship management software can help you gain new customers. They can give you a chance to engage in more detailed marketing studies to retain your customers and create new sales opportunities. 


Faster and more efficient communication with current and prospective customers

Customer relationship management can provide you a better, faster, more efficient, and more effective way of communicating with your customers. Thanks to all of these features (that CRM software provides) you will be able to engage your customers on a deeper level. You will be able to understand their needs at the point and at the time that needs were created or popped up. You will be able to detect them and provide them the right amount of service at the right place and at the right time. You will do so by applying the industry’s best standards with software that comprises different features that are addressed to the marketing sales and after-sales services.


Reporting and comparison 

So, CRM software stores not only the data related to your customers but also the data concerning your salespeople, your products, and your past sales statistics. You can see who sold more products within a team and by doing so you will be able to enhance your recognition and rewarding systems simply by rewarding the top performance. 

In brief, by using CRM software you will not only be enhancing your sales marketing and services functions but also you will be in touch with human resources functions within a company. By using a single product you will enhance almost all of the functions and departments that are in your company.

On the other hand, you will have a chance to see what products or services are doing best, doing better than others, or what products are doing worse than others. You will be able to increase your portfolio in a way to reflect your customer demands better. Also, you can discount the products that are not high in demand.

Last but not least, CRM allows you to create comparison reports by using easily customizable templates. One of the most important features of CRM is that it consists of a set of pre-designed templates that really fastens the way you do your daily business. These templates are provided with every CRM and they consist of email templates, comparison templates, salespeople’s performance comparison templates, etc.

What Companies Can Benefit From CRM?

Companies are increasingly becoming aware of these kinds of software and they wonder if these softwares are suitable for them. So, the answer is “yes”! Yes, they are all suitable for any kind of company regardless of the type. Whether you are a production or a service-providing company, these kinds of software are easily accessible and adaptable to different types of businesses. Every company merely focuses on its own daily activities. Small to large business, every company should and can benefit from CRM. If you have any kind of question about if this kind of software is suitable for your company, the answer is “yes, it is!” It is suitable and adaptable for every company. You can easily use customer relationship management to increase your efficiency. The benefits of CRM are various and each company can benefit from it.

What Advantages Does Prosoftly Offer?

Prosoftly customer relationship management merely focuses on growth. Growth is one of the competitive advantages that you can obtain from using Prosoftly software. Prosoftly touches the areas like sales, marketing, and customer services. On the other hand, it will give you a clear edge on operating your daily activities in operation management. Also, you will be able to increase the performance of your HR departments. When you think of all the activities that you will be able to do with customer relationship management software that is produced by Prosoftly, the single most important output of using it is “growth”. It’s our competitive advantage.

The difference of using a prosoftly software is that you will be able to grow your company and business to a level that matches your competitors by touching on these functions. You will have a chance to increase the efficiency in your sales, marketing, and your services department. You will get to a point where your customers are bonded with your brand and keep buying from your company.

In conclusion, there are plenteous benefits of CRM and Prosoftly software. So, go on and try Prosoftly!