Digital Marketing

In order to define digital marketing, it is necessary to define marketing first. Marketing is the set of activities that a person or a company carries out to promote any product or service it produces.

For example; X produces delicious cakes and wants to sell these cakes. First of all, he announces his brownies. When the cake is requested by offering it to its surroundings, it makes its presentation by giving price information. This type of promotional activity is Direct Marketing called.

X has a brochure prepared as the next step. It hangs leaflets on the surrounding apartment doors. Here, too printed promotion, it realizes and improves its marketing activities. 

In the next step, X rents a stand or counter in a place such as a fair, market, or bazaar where people can go and meet their needs. The aim is to sell their cakes directly. It tries to deliver its products to the customer, that is, the potential buyer. Marketing is all activities carried out to deliver products and services to potential buyers.

What is Digital Marketing?

The realization of promotions in the digital environment is called digital marketing. With the widespread use of the internet today, digital marketing has become a necessity. X creates a website this time. He starts publishing his cakes on this website. Previously, he was interacting in a real environment. He was exchanging information directly by knocking on the door, that is, by communicating one-to-one. He directly saw the people entering the apartment where he had posted his brochures alive. It also sold directly in the fair/trade fair/market environment. These works, which are done verbatim, must be converted to digital.

Today, we can access the internet in any way from our computers, mobile phones, televisions, or other devices. The internet has many benefits for us. On the internet marketing;

  • Keeping Customer Data for New Sales, Reducing, the opportunity to
  • Costs,
  • Competing with Competitors 
  • Find customers 24/7,
  • Ease of Access to International Markets

has many benefits such as. If the product is made easily accessible in digital media and if the marketing activities proceed online/online, digital marketing will take place. 

X, who promotes her cakes, creates the website. It is necessary to make publicity for people to be aware of the website. It is necessary to determine the target audience in order to reach the website. Let's say the target audience is people between the ages of 20-30 who love pastry and junk food. It is necessary to know where these people spend the most time. Let's imagine they spend time in food forums or online sports news. Advertising should be made in these media with a catchy slogan. Customers can be attracted to the website with ads. X develops her business and starts making special birthday cakes. Customers can type a customized birthday cake in the search engine (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). For example, Google SEO should be done for this. By allocating a budget for search engines, the website can be featured in searches. It can also appear in searches as an advertisement. In this way, digital marketing is realized. Digital marketing can also take place on social media. The realization of promotional activities carried out in basic marketing to electronic media is called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

In Traditional Marketing, it is about communicating with people one-to-one and carrying out marketing activities in a real environment. There is an interaction in which all five sensory organs are used. Therefore, traditional marketing aims to introduce a specific product, service, or brand to the target audience through traditional methods such as posters, televisions, newspapers and billboards, and mass trends. As a direct marketing, X tries to sell her product door to door. Itsub-branch of traditional marketing printsprint marketing brochures and hangs them in apartments as, a. Participation in places such as fairs, kermes or markets is also included in traditional marketing. Television commercials are not included in digital marketing, that is, they are traditional.

The biggest difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is being measurable. It is much more difficult to measure and follow traditional marketing activities(marketing mix) than digital marketing methods. For example, owned advertisements were posted in the apartment entrance. There is no way to determine clearly how many people saw these postings. Only an estimated transport mass can be obtained. An estimated number can be obtained from the number of people living in the apartment and entering and leaving the apartment, but it is not possible to reach the information whether the advertisement is actually examined. The same happens in television commercials.

Let's say it was advertised among a very popular TV series. We cannot know exactly how many people watched this ad. An estimated calculation can be made from the number of people watching the show. Measuring at these points is only possible with an estimation approach. When an advertisement is placed in print, it is not possible to see or estimate how many people saw and read that advertisement and how much of it affected the sale. In digital marketing methods, it is possible to reach all results.

In digital marketing, the situation develops differently. One of the greatest strengths of the computer, technology, and digital media is that it makes many things measurable. For example, when we search for "special birthday cake" or "patisseries in Beykoz area" in the search engine, we can reach a hundred percent conclusion whether the owned ad actually appeared there and clicked. After clicking on the site, we have a chance to track what has been done. There is end-to-end traceability in digital marketing. The opportunity arises to transfer the marketing budget to places where much more accurate results can be obtained. Especially small-medium sized companies, SMEs, or companies doing individual business have to use their marketing budgets more effectively because they have more limited opportunities. Digital marketing offers more possibilities for getting effective results.

Another advantage is that you have the chance to manage thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions with much more limited resources. After getting the statistics of what is happening with the audiences you reach, it is possible to get a much more scalable effect in digital marketing. For example, you have a target and you have a pellet rifle. Let's think of this ridiculous rifle as traditional marketing. When the rifle is fired, a lot of bullshit scatters around and tries to get to the target somehow. Let's also assume that we have a sniper that can pinpoint, that is, it can aim exactly. In a sense, digital marketing is a tool like a sniper that can hit your target at 12. In traditional marketing, there is a target, a bullet is thrown there, but the coincidence rate is not clear.

What Are the Main Elements of Digital Marketing?

The main element of digital marketing is the website. In real life, companies have an office. Customers know this office, which people to find when they come to the office, what products and services they can get. In the digital medium, office = website. Someone browsing the web may be looking for information on a search engine, be watching anything, reading any newspaper. Office is the website for these people. Therefore, if you do not have a website, you are not in the digital platform. There is no business without an office and no digital marketing without a website. However, the website alone is not enough. Just like when the customer visiting your office wants to find a good and clean environment, it is necessary to carry out similar activities on your website, just like designing your office accordingly and making a good impression to the incoming customers. Visitors who browse online and come to the website must be met with the same quality, in a way that they can see their needs. Customers look for information. For example, a customer may want to access contact information such as phone and e-mail. If there is a contact form on the site, this form must be working. If the contact form is not working, a positive impression is not created. 

The presence on the Internet is an issue that should be taken very seriously. The job is not finished just by setting up the website and placing ads. It should be a website designed with the needs and main objectives of future visitors. To have an effective website, visitor recognition is essential.

While conducting Digital Marketing, first of all, who comes to the website and who wants to reach in digital media should be evaluated. It is necessary to determine how the target audience can attract more to the website. In this context, channels that have internet site traffic or direct it can be mentioned. The most important medium that directs internet traffic are search engines. People basically use the internet for certain information.

Interaction in the digital medium is 3 ways done; First way: It can be done in written form. Reading a blog page or any information page by the visitor in written form is the first way of interaction in the digital medium. 

Second Way: Interaction can be done through painting and photography. There may be an interaction such as a beautiful painting, design, photos of products and services. 

Third Way: Interaction can be done through a video. Video can be shot.

Photography and picture can be used both in written communication and in the video. In addition, video can be used in written communication. 

What are the Contribution of Digital Marketing to Companies?

At this point, the issue of managing the masses who may be interested in products and services by volume comes to the fore. There are many tools in audience management. We, as Albert Solino, also have a variety of vehicles. One of these tools is marketing automation. Then, what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps you complete the purchasing process by ensuring that you reach your target audience on the right platform and with appropriate content. We make efforts to group customers in the form of Marketing Funnel and turn them into customers who buy our final products and services as much as possible. In a sense, the task of marketing is to support the sale as much as possible and to make it very simple. As it is called in English, it is to make the sale "a piece of cake". One of the most important advantages of digital marketing is the ability to manage audiences. Even if there are only a few purchasers, the number of people touched and reached can be very large. At this point, we are trying to reach customers who take action. Theoretically, the name of this technique is AIDA;

Attention: The topmost circle of marketing attention (attention) begin with. By doing a lot of ads, the potential customer is informed.

Interest: Attention was drawn increasingly reduced. Attention is drawn, but those who do not. Among them, there are those that attract your attention.

Desire: Those who are interested are told about the product, those who are dissatisfied go and do not return. He showed interest but gave up. Some of the other interested people want to like and buy the product.  

Action: Some of those who want to buy the product cancel with excuses. Other bidders buy the product. Action is to be able to sell the product. 

In the process we call Marketing Funnel, it is necessary to manage each step. This management is possible with marketing automation tools. Each stage has various losses. However, it is necessary to keep these losses to a minimum and to hide potential customers. With information and marketing activities, you can move the customer towards action again. Using marketing automation tools may be possible with managing and directing this audience. Apart from this, by obtaining permission from the individuals, communication and interaction are maintained with potential people through e-bulletins, reminder e-mails, and SMS. A number of tools can be used in social media to increase the first phase. In this way, by using this cycle as effectively as possible, the ultimate goal of helping sales is realized. Once all the steps have been implemented, there is only one step left in the sale.

 In short, thanks to digital marketing, the cost decreases, high return on investment occurs, the brand develops, ease of sharing and measurement is provided, fast results are obtained, the performance is monitored and the demand is created.