Institutionalization in Sales and Marketing Processes


We can see Sales and Marketing as the backbone of the company. If you are a commercially for-profit business, you cannot create another organization without selling a product/service. Without sales, functions that will make the sale cannot be maintained. Some companies are at the beginning of the road, some are medium-sized and some have come to a certain distance and some are international structures.


If you interested in automating these processes, you may take a look at this article and learn What is Marketing Automation.

Problems Encountered

Marketing is the name given to all activities that make selling unnecessary. Marketing sets up marketing strategies, marketing plans, takes steps, determines pricing, determines positionings, and implements them. Even if there is no sales structure, the customer can come and get it. For middle and upper-level organizations, marketing should be mentioned first. When considered on a one-person scale, it is not marketing, it is hot selling directly. In the first step, companies need hot sales. Many successful companies in America started with garage sales. Big and successful examples in developing countries also started with direct sales. When the concept of sales is insufficient, customers can apply to us, Prosoftly. For example; In a company, there are sales departments, sales are made and the company wants to grow, but no matter how many sales representatives it gets, it cannot see progress and cannot approach the goals it wants to achieve.  Companies often say the following problems when contacting us in the marketing process

  • “We are losing our market share. We have competitors, we are aware of who our competitors are, but we cannot maintain our market share. We need a remedy. "
  • "We have a marketing department, but I don't think it's working properly."
  • “We have a marketing department but we are dependent on many people. When the manager changes, we throw away the old order and try to create a completely new order, and that's why we can't go.
  • “We don't have a marketing plan, no strategy, we do it all out of our minds. We do it in the knowledge of the manager. If the manager leaves his job, our work is left unfinished."
  • “We grew as a company and bought another firm. The synchronization of sales and marketing in this company and a common working culture must be ensured. There is no partnership for marketing tactics and strategies. "

When companies apply to us during the sales process, they say the following problems;

  • "We want to grow and that's why we want to structure our sales department."
  • "We are not sure that we have set the right strategies in sales, we want you to analyze us and build our sales strategies."
  • “We cannot provide justice in terms of salary, promotion, bonus, and reward systems of the team in terms of sales. We cannot satisfy the sales team because we cannot provide justice. ”
  • "We cannot motivate the sales team."
  • "We can't get the output we want."
  • "We do not know who is responsible for sales-related processes."
  • "We do not know what should be the most suitable sales structure for the company."
  • "We do not know who should prepare the bids, how the post-bid process should work."
  • "We don't know if we should buy CRM software."
  • "We don't know how to digitize sales or customer management."


Our Suggestions for Sales Marketing Processes

  1. Firstly learn Marketing Mix well
  2. Analyze the Sales and Marketing processes.
  3. While analyzing, have one-on-one interviews with process leaders, managers, managers, and selected key figures.
  4. Create online surveys and perform analyses.
  5. After the current situation analysis of Sales and Marketing, identify the deficiencies.
  6. Identify areas of development.
  7. Create development road maps. We put the solutions of the identified problem into the project cards, plan the sub-steps that can be done and present the solution to the customer transparently.
  8. Handle the process of establishing and/or restructure the sales-marketing department.
  9. Design the sales and marketing process activity model. We do human resource and organization planning, design sub-processes and workflows to solve problems, and digitalize sales-marketing processes.
  10. Set up the sales and marketing strategy.
  11. Create the short, long, and medium-term sales strategy document and marketing plan.
  12. Design Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  13. Create the customer experience map and design and implement structures that will improve the customer experience.
  14. Set up a bonus and reward system.
  15. Research different technology and software processes in the digitalization of sales and marketing processes(aka digital marketing), guide the company in determining the most suitable one, design the process in the decision-making process, and take the role of quality assurance for the implementation of the solution.



  1. Sales and marketing process organization chart
  2. Sales and marketing current situation analysis and development roadmap
  3. Sales strategy document
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Process map of sales processes
  6. Process map of marketing processes
  7. Marketing department's authorization matrix
  8. Sales and marketing work flow chart
  9. Customer experience map
  10. Sales bonus system table
  11. Sales and marketing performance measurement management system documentation
  12. Digitization of sales processes roadmap
  13. Handbook containing all sales and marketing organizations and processes


Methodologies and Tools Used

  1. Internal comparison and external benchmark data method
  2. One-on-one meeting and interviews
  3. Online survey
  4. Brainstorming sessions
  5. GAP Analysis
  6. Mind mapping method
  7. Authorization and SODA matrix method
  8. Porter's Five Forces model
  9. BCG matrix
  10. Validation (retroreflection) method
  11. Status meetings (fictionalizing the point reached and possible changes within the scope of the project)
  12. Google Analytics, Search Console, SEO