The Importance of Human Resources Management 

It is a fact that human resources management is emerging more and more every day, especially in today's digital world. As Prosoftly, first, we start doing our job by analyzing the current situation. Thus, we start our project by diagnosing the problems and HR organizational design. We make designs by producing customer-specific solutions and systems to solve their problems as Human Resources project processes;

  •       We determine the purpose and scope of the plan and our approach to work 
  •       We reveal the project cards
  •       We determine the outputs that we aim to achieve at the end of the project at the beginning of the project 
  •       We offer successful applications on the basis of the sector in the processes 
  •       We use our research and apply the best practices in the world
  •       We also apply our know-how to your business
  •       We do competitor analysis
  •       We create the most efficient approach for our customers to change or develop their processes.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

And we work hard to take this first step together with our customers.

Human Resources Management

We have a portfolio of services to establish end-to-end Human Resources structures. This portfolio consists of the following services:

  •       Organizational design, 
  •       Strategic Workforce Planning,
  •       Creation of job descriptions,
  •       Design of individual performance systems and development processes with competency matrix,
  •       Employee satisfaction measurements within the scope of employee experience,
  •       Employer branding strategies,
  •       Employer brand perception measurements,
  •       Career road maps,
  •       Leader training programs. 

You will appreciate that we work with companies with very different visions from many different sectors.

With the motto of being the most desired institution in the world, employer brand strategies are strong today, and many institutions actually focus on this issue.

Within the scope of this project, we add employee satisfaction measurements, employee brand perception surveys, and sector research, and evaluate employer brand strategies and design them in the light of goals.

If we complete with an example of the current pandemic conditions, we can talk about digitalization. We make digital HR self-service applications projects ranging from leave processes to announcements.

Today, we present accessible, motivational and innovation perspectives with projects such as the thank you project to increase employees' internal communication efforts.



Benefits of Human Resources Management

Creating the very foundation of human resources and organizational design correctly appears as the biggest output that strengthens the sustainable company structure.

Lack of reporting mechanisms for persons prior to the project; lost time and effort due to lack of teams. We take into account the growth pains of processes and companies. Thus, we incorporate long-term positions and management styles into the company. By doing so, we also help companies carefully manage their budgets. We draw the framework of the company by leaving everyone's very hated duties and exhibiting a structure that complies with the phrase "Don’t find fault, find a remedy" by Henry Ford. We do this not only with a short-term design but also with medium and long-term organization designs. Thus, the company takes firm steps towards its vision in the long term.

We notice that the motivation of the employees increases in the projects we do in the employee experience processes. In addition, we see that the company creates positive effects on both individual performance and the performance of the company by making the employee feel with him.

Our favorite survey in this process is the Employee Brand Loyalty survey. The question is: “Would you like your child to work here?”

The answers happen to take us to many different points, and we put our hat in front of us and think.

In companies where we set up individual performance systems, we ensure that employees reveal themselves in the processes with the harmony achieved with the target and we receive feedback that increases internal communication. It is a very important point to share the results with people so that the employees do not lose the connection between what they do and their results.

We ensure that people learn what they need in the processes, determine the training plans of future executive candidates in companies, and enable the company to go on a controlled and autopilot with talent management projects.

Establishing interdepartmental synergies is one of the quick gains in the daily flow of HR projects.

Finally, we reveal the outputs of the company owners in the form of a decrease in the percentage of turnover, creating happy employees, strengthening the employer brand perception, and efficient processes.

What we have mentioned up to this point actually includes our processes as Prosoftly.

As Prosoftly, we keep pace with the pace of change in the developing and changing world order, and always try to guide the steps that companies will take.

For us, as Bill Gates said, "Your most unhappy customers are your best data sources." We always give clear answers to the needs of our customers with the promise of feedback.

Our process is like a sensor light; We make our customers feel that we are there when needed.

Based on the demands of our customers, we act as a whole with our current situation analysis and our roadmap. We believe that the realization of our customer's project goals is with a common devotion and work discipline.


Successful Human Resources Management

We always build our projects on creating value. 

Our success in projects;

  •       Employee turnover rate
  •       Employer brand perception results  
  •       Individual performance target increase

With the reflections of department synergies, we can reveal the achievements of the project from the peaceful atmosphere in the environment. We can observe success when we raise awareness of people and the suggestion system starts to work.

Of course, sometimes the effect we expect to have on a stone may not make a difference on the outer surface of it. At this point, we can actually try to see the changes in its inner structure without giving up.