Use Prosoftly as your Free Online Business Management Software! With Prosoftly Business Management Software, we analyze your company, and compare it with industry data. Also, we set goals, delegate these goals to your employees. Moreover, we track all the work done to achieve your company goals for success.

1. Analyze

We integrate with your accounting software so that we immediately can make financial analysis based on your past company performance. So you will know current situation of your company to make better goal setting for your future plans.

2. Benchmark

We do financial benchmark analysis based on our own data specific to your industry. These data are averaged values of public companies. So you will know general best practices, ratios and numbers that will guide you to determine your company’s current situation and possible prospective position in your industry.

3. Set

We will make fixes for your goals. You will have your sales revenue, customer satisfaction rates, marketing budget and all other targets set just in one simple page.

4. Delegate

Let Prosoftly software keep track of the given tasks and follow-up process. You will not need to worry each day about your goals are being worked on or not. Depending on your reporting preferences, you will get periodic brief reports.

5. Track

You will have the ability to evaluate your employee performance based on these plans. You will get performance reports about your employees and also about your overall company. So that will be a driving force for you and for your employees to perform better based on your plans objectives.

6. Succeed

By using Prosoftly, your overall organization will be aligned for ultimate goals, objectives will be achieved and operating performance will be enhanced.

We focus on your company success with Business Management Software

As passionate professionals, we are working with you as your business partner to make sure to reach your company goals.


Your company goals are set. As a data scientist, business consultant, reporter we make sure right goals are set. You can also use Corvisio OKR Software for your goal management system.


Our system keeps track of your goals and employees. Follow-up is being automated.


Your company success are being managed much more efficiently and in a more sustainable manner.

Start managing your company better