Upgrade Your Client Management Skills

Client-Management-SkillsUpgrade Your Client Management Skills

For a company, the client should always be the focus; so you may check your client management skills. First of all, everything should be shaped around the customer. The customer is no longer just a buyer of products or a method of paying bills. The customer is the reason for being and innovating for everyone working in a company. The purpose of developing services. Success factor. And the most basic financial support for everything the company does. Thus; companies should structure their roles and responsibilities with their customers. And, they should always focus on the right customer, not every customer.

-Why Client management is so important?

The way to achieve profit is to add passion to your relationships with your customers. Lior Arussy, an expert in customer relations, is an hard supporter of this thesis. He has signed many books on this subject. In his latest book, Passionate & Profitable, he signs a new manifesto which describes why customer strategies fail. “The customer is no longer just a buyer of products or a method of paying bills. The customer is the reason for everyone to work in a company. ”

“The New York Times wrote that 13,000 reservations have already been made to travel flights to Virgin Galactic to begin in 2007. People were lining up to pay $ 200,000 for a 3-hour flight. When I read this news, I needed to reconsider what I have known so far on the customer concept. ” These words belong to Lior Arussy, one of the world's leading experts in customer experience management. However, many companies are still reducing the value of total experience in terms of lowering costs and loyalty, while demanding more, offering less to customers.

These words belong to Lior Arussy, one of the world's leading experts in customer experience management. However, many companies are still reducing the value of total experience in terms of lowering costs and loyalty, while demanding more, offering less to customers.

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If you want to bring your client management to a next level, I have 10 suggestions for upgrade your client management skills.

10 suggestions for your client managements skills:

1. Identify yourself

First, you should answer this question: "Who are we?". In additiıon you should also focus on the anwer of the question: "Which comes first; customer satisfaction or productivity addicts?" This is a very important question. Answer to this question should be not an ordinary word or a written job description. Successful companies have really different ways to reach their customers. This is not something they prefer, this is a must.

2.Identify your customer

Second, next question must be "What is the role of the customer in our presence?" A common mistake is that the role of the customer in customer relations is not well defined. There are no customer-related financial results or guidelines. So, without these critical definitions, the relationship is lost from the beginning and is bound to fail based on misunderstood expectations.

3. Which customer?

Afterward make a detailed search for the question: “Which customers should we ignore? Will we consider every customer who is willing to pay? The choice here will be very difficult as long as companies feel that every customer with a certain budget is the right customer for them. In fact, the selection comes before segmentation. Companies that evaluate every customer who has a budget,they get customers who expect high service and cost more. And this kind of customers do not appreciate the value of your services and product.

4. Total experience

The fourth step is to look at the definition of total experience. Here, companies should ask the question, “Are we a silo organization or are we a customer-oriented holistic company? Total customer experience is the next battlefield. The question of how we will serve our customers and who will give these total value suggestions to the customer includes critical choices and directly affects customer loyalty.

5. Relation type

Fifth, it is associated with what kind of relationship we are looking for. We need to decide whether we want a self-service, effective trading land or a long-term relationship. In the first expenditure phase determining what kind of relationship it will be will increase the success and efficiency of the relationship. There are many elements of this relationship: generosity, being interactive, being privileged, being chosen and admissible.

All of this should be planned and presented to win the hearts as well as the wallets of the customers.

6.Role definitions

Another step is "How should we adopt total customer responsibility?". Every level of the organization needs to understand what its role is on customer experience. This may require organizational changes that many companies fear and avoid at any cost. On the other hand, staying as a silo organization and not taking responsibility will undermine many big plans and cause total failure to return billions of dollars.

crm-employees7.Attention to employees!

Step seven is about the employees. Here, companies must decide whether to run functional robots or passionate evangelists who believe in an idea to the full. They should ask themselves which type of employee will provide the best customer experience. The human factor plays a critical role in building a strong relationship with customers. If we continue to recruit employees based solely on their abilities, we ignore a very important element, passion. Therefore, we should avoid hiring skilled robots and hire employees who love the products and services they represent. This is a very important step to attract the customer's attention.

8.Saving experiences

The eighth step is whether we are about dialogue and return. How willing are we to listen? If companies want a real dialogue with their customers, they need to know what to do with them when they tell them what they think. Nothing is more insulting than ignoring the customer's ideas and thoughts. Acquiring experiences requires a listening mechanism that is indicative of proper communication with the customer.

9.Measurement and evaluation

The penultimate step is to look at what we have to say about our measurements. Do we stick to the rules, or do we prefer to destroy them? Efficiency and efficiency are the priority measurement processes of their companies today. Customers' actions are not considered as part of their success in evaluating. When companies implement metrics and compensation plans that affect their customer comments, they will be fully dependent on the new strategy.

10.Product life cycle

As a final step, I suggest companies to ask themselves how much time they should feed their product or service. Since loyalty is the essential for a company, but it is a boring issue for customers. After a while, they start looking for something new and exciting. In addition you should improve your innovation by its rule and try to be in the limits of innovation.  Therefore the product life cycles of a certain product or service should be shorter. In addition innovations and enthusiasm should work faster. This ensures that it remains necessary and reminds that you will never guarantee customer relationships.

In conclusion, customer strategies are the core issue for any company that wants their products or services to be perceived not just as goods and goods. Any company wishing to avoid price reductions or erosion in margins has to develop customer strategies.

In the transition to customer strategies, it is not easy to break the ossified structure from the past. For this reason, companies should focus on the right customers, instead of making all their efforts to create satisfied customers that develop around good experiences. Moreover, with each new value created, customers will come back for more.

To sum up; of course these strategies will be enough for the companies that start to improve their client management skills. But some experienced companies may need a further study. I hope my suggestions will lead you a great way to both understand and value your clients!

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