Digital Transformation: How Covid-19 Effects Our Future?

Digital Transformation Results in Back to the Future:

Digital Transformation


How Covid-19 Will Effect Our Destiny via Digital Transformation?

Now we’re in a completely special moment in history. In modern times, we have not been subjected to such a global impact that omitted geopolitical boundaries, and we did not react to this kind of crisis globally. The COVID-19 outbreak and its effects brought cities, countries and even continents to a halt. The news express normal monetary difficulties and fears of these problems. There are also a few sprinkles of hope. Hope for treatment, desire for vaccination, hopes for approaches to work and earn our lives in quarantine. And desire for times after coronavirus destruction has misplaced its capacity. Thanks to the digital transformation, citizens of different countries can communicate and share the knowledge about Covid-19 with each other to find a cure for this pandemic.

The best factor saved the scenario in this crisis is that the global digital infrastructure has been advanced to maintain humans in touch without interruption in lots of countries. Global digital infrastructure  supports the worldwide internet, consisting of the terrestrial and cell networks, information centers, submarine cables and satellite connections,


Quarantine system does not mean turning off

Whenever possible, humans discover ways to do their best. Companies that transfer their workforce from home to work hold to employ their employees and hold their operations. While the logistics activities are continuing, the retail zone has begun to provide its distribution services to the ones who aren’t capable of go away the house. Self-employed people are searching out innovative ways to make a living using digital tools, whilst civil communities are attempting to find a way to aid neighborhood initiatives.

Digital communication is vital for all this. It permits human beings to live in touch with their cherished ones they could not come together. It permits students and youngsters of every age to hold their education. Digital communication makes it feasible for physicians to offer counseling and therapy through telemedicine to avoid useless contact wherein appropriate. Even researchers, with whom we’ve all our hopes to discover a vaccine, use digital apps to live in contact and percentage the facts of their work to recognize the virus.

As Prosoftly, we’re trying to find ways to be a community without being together and we made it possible to communicate with tour team members while using our cloud based applications.

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Digital transformation apps are the key to enduring the crisis

Digital programs that enable communication and collaboration play a key position in resisting the crisis. We see that the demand for digital programs is very excessive globally. And these packages are beginning to turn out to be vital in the behavior of business and private life, which is not the handiest legitimate for instances of crisis. However, even supposing the underlying virtual infrastructure is not as strong, sturdy and stable as possible, even the excellent practice won’t work.

Of course, that is much more crucial in the cutting-edge epidemic agenda. On the other hand, this fashion is underlined as the economy becomes more global. Because the complete international is home to more people every day, as many components of the world become greater open to verbal exchange. Because all this is the best answer: digitalization. Otherwise, we will no longer be capable of see the big frame and make sure a long-time period study.

And the way of working remotely, which has been widely applied due to COVID-19, has started a new era in both the public and private sectors. The method of telecommuting, has disadvantages besides its advantages. It comes to the agenda with the question of how the employees will maintain their efficiency in this period. Digital transformation and cloud based applications come to both business professinals and individials rescue. Some common used applications during this pandemic are: video conference tools, CRM softwares, online course platforms, business management softwares, medical apps and so on.


Digital transformation and hence reliable digital infrastructure is the only answer

The only answer to the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak and the modern world in general is an advanced digital infrastructure because only such an infrastructure can ensure the use of smart digital applications and ensure the continuity of solutions for people to live better. Economic growth in the globalizing world and the development of societies in many regions are based on digital communication and digital services. All this to the underlying digital application.

As a result, the connection ecosystem is more than ever before; they have to offer seamless and high-performance connections for everyone, everything, anywhere. This ecosystem and the infrastructure they establish are as important as other services in times of crisis. It is vital that the digital infrastructure is as global, open, scalable and secure as possible. Thus people, institutions and the business community can provide as many and diverse services as they need.


Why do you have to transform your strategy during COVID-19?

Because the main components of your business are changing. Your company changes, your industry changes and your competitive place also changes with the effect of COVID-19. “Change before your have to” is an amazing quote by Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electrics. You should be proactive to the changes in the business. So that, you can adapt to these changes instead of letting them disrupt you.


More meaningful investment decisions should be made in the future

By drawing lessons from today, we can make more meaningful investment decisions in the future. A strong digital infrastructure is the facilitator of this long-term transformation and a factor that can reduce the problems we face in quarantine today. Corona crisis; It clearly demonstrates the difference between regions with a robust and reliable digital infrastructure and inadequate regions of the world. In the future, the digital divide should be eliminated so that all communities can access information, digital communication tools, and the digital continent. The internet industry should act everywhere according to the minimum digital infrastructure target.

Nothing will be the same after COVID-19; neither people, nor the way we do business, nor how we connect with each other. Like the last century, this century presents us with global challenges. However, people and businesses can transform these difficulties, although they have a different source. The current global crisis will change our lives from now on. And in order to survive today and prepare for the post-corona future, the global lock we are experiencing today needs a digital switch.

To conclude; digital transformation is an ongoing process, which means always working. Change and venturing into the unknown is difficult, however the benefits that come from creating a forward-thinking, customer-focused, digital corporation can be lasting. Perhaps this is the silver lining for companies in the age of COVID-19. Compulsory change may be positive – to your employees, companions and customers.

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