Free CRM: Why Your Business Need a Free CRM?


Free CRM Software, is it possible? When was the last time that you turned down something free? Probably, It has been a while, and it does not occur frequently. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? As long as, it’s of high quality (or at least average), there’s no downside to acquiring free products. But that’s just the problem with free things; they aren’t always quality. Before starting to talk about free CRM, let’s take a look at what is Customer Relationship Management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was originally improved to help businesses for building and managing relationships with new and existing customers. Since then, CRM software has transformed from a simple contact management software into a tool that helps users deal with sales, marketing, point-of-sale transactions, accounting, and other types of operational data as an accessible all-in-one solution. This content will be a nice guide on what to look for in a Free CRM.

CRM is a kind of solution that helps you find leads, follow up with possibilities and nourish them through the sales pipeline. CRM is also used to maintain customer loyalty by keeping the key information to increase sales – for instance, by personalizing the experience and providing excellent customer support.

Even if you have never used a CRM before, you have probably heard the term associated with your industry. As you know, many companies(including yours) are using CRM because it saves time and helps to drive sales.

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You can find some CRM Examples here.

Why Your Business Need a Free CRM?

When you run a very small business, tracking customers by sheets or address books makes sense. But after a while, your company will start to grow. That means more customers, more sales, etc. This is also an opportunity to change how you run your business. At the moment:

  • Sheets are complicated, hard to update, hard to keep in sync with your team
  • Notes get lost
  • Customer communication is inconsistent between your team and your customers.

You are looking for a solution to manage your customers and sales easily right now. This is where CRM software comes into the game: Your business needs a free CRM in order to

  • track all the data for a specific prospect
  • find easily previous offers
  • manage performances of different sales reps.
  • see clearly and analyse sales performance and deal funnel at the dashboard
  • assign easily tasks for the sales reps or sales support teams such as remainders for preparing an offer, organizing a meeting, calling a prospect for the result, sending an follow-up email etc...
  • get rid of the data and customer loss when sales reps quit and new ones are hired.
  • get all these supports done without paying a penny.

Free CRM Software

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a very effective and efficient technology and that's why CRM is important for every business. As I mentioned above, this a kind of software that enables you to run your business smoothly. With built-in tools for contact management, marketing, sales, and customer support all in one place, you will be able to track all this information and processes in one place.

There are many CRM software on the market, and if you are just getting started, you should look for a free CRM. This is obviously true if you run a small size of business. In this way, you will have an opportunity to get familiarize yourself with the software and discover the features since every software works a bit differently and may include a different set of tools as we serve.

You can find best CRM for small business.

How Does Free CRM Software Works?

Customer management software helps businesses to run more effectively by combining a set of core business applications into an all-in-one platform. By combining these components such as OKR, Strategic Management, Marketing, and tech support, this type of software streamlines data collection so sales, marketing, and customer service teams can provide customers with an excellent, personalized experience.

Customer relationship management software, as it’s also known (CRM), serves as a solution for dealing with all customer lifecycle. It starts with collecting data about customers and allows you to record all of these data and interactions so that you can refer these data to them anytime and from anywhere. As the customer moves through your sales process, you can target them with appropriate marketing messages and the most relevant offers.

Businesses of all sizes and in every type of industry can improve their bottom line using customer relationship management. By recording all of your data in one place, you are able to slice and dice information to find new business opportunities that might have been undiscovered previously. This can help to improve your conversions and rates and increase the volume of customers while decreasing the sales costs. The best customer relationship management (CRM) will also help you to make processes systematical related to such as marketing, payment, and communication.

Integrating powerful customer relationship management software with your company will simplify and modernize the way that you run your business. When all of your business processes, tools, customer information are combined with one service, many of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be automated and with this extra time, your team can focus on reaching more potential customers and that will make your company’s growth rate bigger.

What can a Free Customer Relationship Management Software do for your small business?

When you run a small business, every moment is valuable. There is too much to do: finding new customers, ensuring that customers are happy, sending out contracts, dealing with invoices and bills, promoting new products, and of course, actually working on projects. Whether you are alone or have a small team behind you, the way you keep track of client information can have a real impact on your company and lead to either a bigger business or one that is where it starts.


At many companies, employees start to look for a customer’s contact information or purchase history. The search reveals a list of three names that look nearly identical except for one misplaced letter. When the employee investigates the entries, they find that each has a different set of notes, tags, and purchases but all of them have the same phone number and billing information. A small mistake can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Also, you can miss out a chance to reward customers for their repeat business. When we add scheduling mistakes, poor connection with leads, disorganized reports, the result will be unhappy customers and or at least some unprofessional moments.

While these kinds of mistakes are somehow unpredictable, you do not have to set up for manually doing every business task. Instead, you can maximize the overall efforts of your small business by using customer relationship management software(CRM). This type of solution can positively affect your business by automating repetitive tasks, saving countless hours on administrative interactions that do not generate any useful results.

Get the Most Out of Your Free CRM Software

No matter what kind of solutions you served, integrating with customer relationship management software can do most of the tasks of your small business. These solutions are usually designed to collect data and record them. Make sure that you use that data for analysis.

Customer Relationship Management software provides you with the flexibility to use all the features offered or just the ones that your business need. Your teams are going to stay more organized and you will see a rapid boost in your productivity by making sales processes and marketing campaigns systematical. The result will be increased profits, hours of saved time, and happier customers. If you use CRM software within all potential, it will transform every aspect of your business operations.

Is a free CRM software system right for your business?

The answer is yes! Take a look at your business and speak with your team about the tasks which are the most time consuming because these are the things that reduce productivity.

A free CRM software system is an excellent starting point for any business no matters what kind of industry you work in. If the free CRM that you select includes enough features for you and for your business, you won’t need to look for a new solution until your business grows much more. Also if you selected a free CRM that also offers paid features, it will be so easy to upgrade it in the future.


Before you decide which CRM your business will use, consider for the future. Make sure that you select a CRM that can grow with your company, based on your performance and goals.

Your business might be not big now, but based on your goals, it may not remain that way for a long time.

The best CRM will be a partner for you in the long-run. Once you select one and your team gets used to working with it, it will be harder and harder to switch to another software after a few years.

Best Free CRM Software for 2021

There are many customer relationship management software available. Here are a few best free CRM software available in the market:


It is among the most popular CRM systems. In short, it is a marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert and retain leads. It does this by combining various functions and allowing marketing and sales departments to manage all their activities in one place.


Vendasta is a white-label platform created to help B2B companies provide marketing solutions to local businesses. Vendasta, which sells digital products and services to more than 2 million SMEs, provides an end-to-end platform to more than 14,000 channel partners.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM; It brings together your sales, marketing, and customer support activities. It acts as a repository to organize your process, policy, and employees on a single platform.

Prosoftly CRM

Prosoftly CRM is a good option for those who are looking for all in one business management software, including CRM. It helps you build relevant customer experiences by staying connected with customers, leads, business partners and contacts. It is very easy to use and powerful tool for making marketing campaigns. A unique feature of Prosoftly CRM is that it has very flexible tagging and filtering feature, which enables users to get custom reports and graphs at any time at any level.


Customer relationship management is as I mentioned above is a very effective technology. This type of solution will help you to run your businesses smoothly. If you have the idea of integrating your company with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, it is a good begin to use Free CRM software. At that point, you should try to choose the free CRM which includes the best features and your company’s needs. After implementing your business with CRM, you will notice the effects of CRM on your business. When all of your business processes, tools, customer information are combined with one service, many of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be systematical and you can use this extra time for searching for new customers.

The cost of CRM Software varies enormously. Vendors typically use a subscription-based pricing model. Pricing depends on a few different factors, such as the number of users and the features that are included in the plan. Mostly, you pay a set per-user, per-month fee. Pricing can range from $10 per user, per month to thousands of dollars per month, depending on what your business needs.

Don’t you have a budget for CRM Software? Or you are not sure that CRM Software is useful for your business, but you are curious to see what kind of features it has included. Many vendors offer free trials of their software such as Prosoftly. There are also free versions of popular CRM software; some include all features but a limited number of users, while others offer only the bare minimum capabilities.


What is Next?

Now that you know what kind of values CRM brings to your business and if your business is ready to adopt a CRM software, it’s time to start evaluating your options and learn if Prosoftly is a good option.

Try Prosoftly free forever up to 3 users, or use our contact form to reach us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about how Prosoftly could drive the growth of your business.