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How is Technology Used in Business? What is Client Portal? Client-Portal

Communication, education, information acquisition, shopping and many more. Thanks to technology, we are in the rightful pride and happiness of living in an age when everything comes to our home with one click. Let’s admit that the phone, computer, tablet and similar equipment we use are in our lives as effective as our arm. When we forget our phone at home or run out of charge, there is a sense of deficiency in our souls. If technology is so important to us, why don’t we use technology for our company? What is Client Portal?

Due to the latest technological advances, businesses have greater ways to increase productivity as well as to save business costs by automating business operations and processes. Today, organizations and companies compete with huge competitors in the industry from around the world. Accordingly, companies use the latest software and applications and high-speed internet to transform their businesses from local markets to international markets.

What Do We Use Technology For?

Technology is also a science application used to solve problems. This is a simple but important point. Technology, getting information, spending time, getting things done, communicating etc. We use it for many things. This means that a system that captures most of our lives is now our indispensable.

Even, if such a solid fact strongly directs our lives, it is proof that this is a science for humanity. But it is important to know that technology and science are issues that work together to perform certain tasks or solve problems. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in industry or in our daily life.


whenever we use our scientific knowledge to achieve a specific goal, we use technology. Technology generally includes certain equipment. However, this equipment can be incredibly simple or dazzlingly complex. Everything can happen, from the discovery of the wheel to computers and action cameras. These and such developments have brought good benefits in our lives. Technological tools facilitated daily life and accelerated our life. Then technology entered our business life.

At the same time,

many of our workloads have disappeared. In addition to the removal of human power with the arrival of machines, we get maximum efficiency by using the human power at a minimum level. How Does?

When interacting with clients, business owners find themselves consuming a large amount of time in the exchange of countless phone calls and emails. The overhead created is every business owner’s nightmare. Keeping all this information neat and in one place is an everyday challenge, and a costly one. Especially if your business is growing, this overhead grows with it and along rise the costs and confusion. Moreover, apart from the overhead and its related drawbacks, the matter of security is often a problem. All those interactions contain sensitive financial and business data that, in the wrong hands, could cause great damage to both you and your customers. Luckily, advances in technology have properly addressed this cluster of issues in a highly effective way-Client portals!

Technology Effects on Business

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do business. As with all revolutions, the perception of those affected by this can determine how the revolution will progress. A research was conducted to understand the expectations of employees on the effects of technology on the business world. To do this, researchers conducted interviews with 17 global experts. They posed questions to over 7,000 business leaders and employees how transformative technological trends are perceived. According to the research, it is clear that we are at an overflow point.

The majority of respondents have the expectation that technology will revolutionize the industry in the next 10 years. Both ends are in question; While eight percent expect a completely revolutionary effect, a two percent predict that there will be no impact. But what if things are changing? If we need to make our question circle smaller, is there a technology that we can provide better service to customers?

  • Do we provide a platform that can help our customers simplify their business and achieve their sub-goals?
  • Can we help consultants to serve more customers more easily by reducing service costs per customer?
  • Make we turn them into a strong two punch by reporting much higher customer satisfaction?

Yeah! You can realize these thoughts with Prosoftly Client Portal in today’s technology!

What is Client Portal?What-is-Client-Portal

A client portal is cloud system that allows for secure interaction between specific parties. For decades, businesses have been using collaboration tools to enable the flow of information within their companies. They worked so well internally that it was inevitable to extend the same functionalities for external business processes. This is when the concept of client portals was perceived and now companies enjoy their undeniable benefits.

Consider the company portal as a private, protected website where you can share and exchange sensitive information with your clients. You can make available to them all your invoices, quotes and other important documents so you don’t have to send them via email or discuss them over the phone. Clients can have access to the client portal by logging in with a username/password set and browse through every document you want them to see.


Client Portal World

Your client portal can the best extension of your customer support services. Imagine your company portal as a place where your clients can navigate through all their invoices, their entire transactions’ history and pay you online in a matter of seconds.

All of this is possible without any action on your part, other than issuing invoices, quotes and uploading relevant documents. Your clients get to download files of all these transactions, at any given moment, which means the end of confusion between “their” balance and “your” balance. This process consumes time and makes collaborating ten times harder, you don’t want that!

On the other hand, the your company portal is interactive, meaning that you can keep track of your clients’ moves via email notifications. Your client viewed a document? You get notified! Did they just pay you online? You know it! When was the last time customers entered the Client Portal?  You have all the details about that, too. Portals provide a single platform for you to:

  • Client Portal provide upload and inspect documents to you.
  • You can make notes and requests.
  • Customer Portal supply ask for and provide clarification and more!

In this way,

you can follow all customer movements. This is called getting maximum efficiency with minimum action! The third advantage client portals can give your practice is modernization. Modernizing in the tax industry doesn’t need to mean riding the cutting edge. However, you do need to stay competitive in a fast-changing world. Clients and young talent alike expect businesses to take advantage of well-established technology to provide a quality experience. Today that means more than just having a website and a Facebook page.

This topic deserves an entire post of its own. For our purposes here, modernizing is about more than just establishing trust with your clients and attracting young talent. Thoughtful modernization ultimately makes your business more efficient and profitable.

Client portals are here to make interactions with your clients easier, more effective and a lot more secure for both sides. Information flows smoothly and everyone is on the same page, all of the time. Setting up a client portal adds a competitive edge to your company without spending a fortune!

A customer portal can be daunting, but Prosoftly offers a free trial to preview the platform. Try it out and see the benefit for yourself!