Give your customers access to all of their transactions through the intuitive and secure Prosoftly client portal

A Client Portal is a secure tool that provides your clients with a single point of access to all transactions that have taken place between them and your business, such as invoices, proof of payments, policies and agreements. A Client Portal is available for 24/7, 365 days in a year.

For companies, it is time-consuming to actively update customers by phone, mail and other means of communication. And the content of these updates is mostly related to seasonal discounts, payments or proofs of purchases. Moreover, if you are a developing company owner, keeping this information organized, simple and accessible to everyone is a challenging task. This challenging task also causes financial losses besides wasting time.

In addition to all of this, it requires serious work to be able to keep and store information securely on the internet, especially at a time when the communication age has developed so much. Because these communication networks contain personal information as well as financial and business confidential information. Of course, passing this information into the wrong hands causes many incidents such as fraud that have many consequences and damages. Fortunately, with the development of technology and, consequently, the development of software, client portals have been created that provide a secure communication to customers and companies.

What is a Client Portal?

Client portals are one-way and secure software channels that allow specific parties to access and download documents. With the developing technology, companies have created communication tools in which information flow can be provided easily. In this way, the employees achieved efficient results by working faster and more effectively by saving time. Trust-based cooperation lies in this efficiency.

Assume that the portal created by the company for itself is secure software that is accessible to selected people. This software is such software that it eliminates emails and conversations on the phone for hours to discuss deals or many documents. Customers access the documents and information in the amount you decide with the client portal access permission you have assigned.


Improved visibility and access to real-time information 24/7, 365 days a year
Removal of costly, redundant data entry tasks
Improved customer experience and retention levels
Enhanced visibility of transactional information
Scalable IT licensing options
Reduced internal email traffic to source information
Improved internal and customer communication

Additional Benefits

The most common benefits of using a client portal include increased customer satisfaction, improved communication with clients and cost reduction. Additionally, if you are processing online payments, stronger cash flow is inevitable. You can also integrate client portals with your primary business systems such as Contract Management, CRM, enabling you to automate the transfer of information between your systems in real time. A Client Portal will help your employees and customers access and update the information rapidly and effectively.

  • Strengthen communication with the customer

Your customers can use any document that they have access to at any time and their documents can be downloaded. Your customers can make payments without confusion between their balance and your company balance. This way, you can avoid wasting time and complicated accounting.

In addition, these portals are technological portals that the customer can easily use and get used to quickly. Thus, they do not have to get information about their debts, postpaid, payments or agreements over and over again.

  • Saving Time

Time saving is one of the most effective benefits of using client portal. Because with the help of the client portal, you no longer need to create email or telephone traffic with customers. Both parties can easily access the information they want to access whenever and wherever they want. In addition, the transfer of the invoice requiring long processes to the customer is closed. Customers can easily access and download documents as long as you allow them.

As a result, you can effortlessly handle all your transactions.

  • Saving Money

The meaning of time savings in business and business life is money. The more time you and your employees eliminate the jobs that should not be lost and focus on your own business, the more you earn. In addition, communication tools such as phones carry high costs. You may think how much damage it does to a software. However, considering the number of customers and the phone traffic with each customer, you will see how small the budget for the software is actually. In addition, when the fees such as paper and printing are considered for documents such as invoices, the client portal is a very logical and efficient choice.

  • Security

Client portals contain private information of both the customer and your company. For this reason, the most powerful software is used to keep all your data safe. You can also choose who can access the information in this portal and in what amount. Thus, you can manage your information as you wish by securing your own information. If you use traditional ways instead of the portal, privacy cannot be achieved adequately.

  • Client access is unlimited

The only thing necessary for your customers to reach the portal is the internet connection. They can access the client portal wherever and whenever the internet is available.

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