Grow your business by storing customer data.

crm system features

Prosoftly helps you classify your customers,
gives you a clue about which customer segments are more profitable

You can engage in promotional activities to attract your customers by using these insights.

crm customer notes

Manage and Coordinate
Your All Information
on a Single Platform!

1. Quickly create new customer entries thanks to the fast registration system

2. Save time by quickly entering new “Deal” opportunities to the system.

3. Follow the progress of your sales processes and opportunities

Contact Management

1. Easily reach all of your customers.

2. Quickly reach information about your customers.

3. Create new customer information easily based on calls and emails you get.

crm contact management

Automatic Email Sender

1. Trace calls, emails, meetings, and personal sales record.

2. Trace all the steps you have taken to close a sale.

3. Instantly see all interactions, such as sales calls, meetings, and emails on a common platform.

Real-Time Reporting

1. Easily see and manage daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistical reports.

2. Share updated sales metrics and customer interaction reports on a common platform.

3. Have an instant view of closed deals.

crm data report
crm sales opportunities

Match your sales personnel with sales opportunities and give them access to critical information

1. Appoint your sales personnel to sales opportunities and follow the process

2. Observe the average of time that it requires for opportunities to turn into sales.

3. See the progress towards your sales goals.

Prosoftly helps businesses to see strengths, weaknesses 

and enhances their capabilities. 

Contact us to request for demo software 

to see how Prosoftly can transform your business.

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