Idea Management Software

“Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacturable and marketable form.” — Watts Humprey.

idea management software


What is Idea Management?

We can explain the idea management as catching up notifications from all stakeholders, partners or customers. The aim is to integrate feedback from stakeholders into the products in the next stages. Opinion management is limited to receiving feedback. In addition, ideas obtained as a result of interactions are evaluated. And you can store, sort and choose the appropriate ideas that you can apply to the products.

The idea is a creative process that covers the processes you have passed while reaching a new idea, consisting of many ideas and the main purpose is development and improvement. Idea choices and innovation are important to achieve market leadership. Especially if you are a product manager, you should also get ideas from employees and different departments within the company.


By using Idea Management Software, you can:

Gather all thoughts and ideas from your employees
Analyze and evaluate each idea
Shortlist the best ideas along with top level representatives
Track how different ideas are progressing

With Idea Management Software you can acquire ideas for existing business challenges and capture fresh ideas

When deciding on ideas and how they develop, you should always consider your own product strategy and your team's capacity. An idea that you consider and appeal to you may not be suitable for your product strategy. In this way, you will see how you can integrate new ideas into your products and business.

Idea Management Software is a platform to gather ideas. It can enable the organizations to collect, share and evaluate ideas rapidly and with flexibility. Employees need to be involved in idea management processes and this software offer a strategic procedure and workflow to ensure only the best ideas are captured and implemented quickly.

Benefits of Idea Management Software

Gather employee’s ideas
Quickly capitalize on the best ideas
Promote greater transparency of ideas
Collaboration of ideas

Start IDEA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and Measure What Matters