Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

You probably have heard about “telecommuting” or “working from home”, but the term “remote work” simply means any kind of work you do that doesn’t require commuting into an office. In other words, working remotely allows professionals to work from outside of a fixed  office area. Especially, remote work is the new reality for many workers because of the coronavirus spreads. At the moment, Most of the big companies’s workforce are not coming to office. Instead, they are working remotely.

As I mentioned above, working remotely become increasingly common for some employees to work from a remote location, such as their home or anywhere else, thanks to the power of personel computing and internet.

In this blog post, I will try to explain the pros and cons of working remotely. To learn more about remote work, you can check this article.

Pros of Working Remotely

Pros and cons of working remotely

Much more chances for employers to attract talent

Employers that offer candidates the possibility of working remotely have an advantage when it comes to recruitment. Remote work tends to be very attractive to prospective employees, especially for those workers who want to set up a good balance between their work and social life.

Employees will have their own independence.

,Employees will have their own independence.

It is much more than just the benefit of getting work done in pajamas. Working remotely means employees will learn how to motivate themselves, self- discipline and they will learn how to focus on their work in a better way. Remote work does not mean that employees have to work on a table in a corner of the room for 40 hours in a week. The point that employee and employer will focus on the quality of the result, not the quantity of hours worked, which is good for both of employee and employer.

Set your own schedule.

Set your own schedule.

You can take breaks any time you want. Working remotely will allow you to set your own schedule. You can take a walk for your mental health or during the lunch time, you can sit in your garden and enjoy the sun. As I mentioned above, your employer will focus on the quantity of your work. Let’s say you have some small breaks like 10 minutes, you can spend that time by doing some valuable things for yourself. You can get some exercise or get some daylight. Especially, these are so important things for the mental health during the COVID-19 isolation period.

More Productive

Many remote workers surveyed report that they are more productive when they work from home. This is because there are fewer distractions; they can choose their work environment; and they are measured based upon their performance. That third item is motivation to produce at the highest level.

Working Remotely Reduces the Stress.

The possibility of working remotely can considerably reduce the stress that some employees experience. Being in a comfortable area, non-public environment provides a feeling of privacy. This is the main benefit of working remotely. Also, it is proved by a study from MIT that remote workers are definitely less stressed and higher morale than their in-office counterparts. That study shows that workplace flexibility decreased stress and risk of burnout.


Cons of Working Remotely

Get Promoted Slowly

So far, lots of studies have shown that remote workers working for companies that also have on site employees generally get promoted at a slower rate and don’t receive as many raises.

If you’re concerned about advancing your career as quickly as possible, remote work might not be for you.


It can be really hard for some people to be alone when they work remotely. If you are used to work in a busy office area, changing from office work to home Schedule might be bad for you. It can be hard to socialize with other workers when you work remotely. Communicating just with the technology is not quite the same as real life.

Technology platforms Problems

Technology is the most important point that allows us to work remotely. Nowadays, cloud technology has made it easier than ever for remote workers to work from anywhere. However, there are some situations where data security or consumer protection concerns might prevent remote workers from having full access.

Less Distraction

Surprising that this is a con, right? Not really, if you consider the long-term implications.

Distraction in the workplace can at times be a good thing. It allows you a quick break from work which prevents you from burning out. Remote workers, perhaps surprisingly, often report feeling burned out.


It is because if there are no distractions and you zone in and work on a project for 5 hours your brain can get fatigued; it is simply human nature.


Using this time to improve yourself.

By entering into a sudden work-remotely situation(like what is happening right now with many professionals due to the coronavirus spread) with the right mindset, you can do much better than before. You can do a great job and enjoy the benefits of it.

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In these hard times, please stay safe and stay at home!