Simple CRM for Small Business

We will inform you about Simples CRM for small businesses in this article. According to business needs, customer relationship management software has always evolved. Now, every business is looking for a simple CRM that can simplify every part of processes.

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Why small businesses need simple CRM?

Businesses are all about making life a little bit easier for the people around. Businesses are also looking for tools that can make their life easier. Using a simple CRM can offer a lot of benefits to any kind of business, particularly a small business or a startup.

These are a couple of reasons why a business should opt for simple CRM. Let’s take a glance at these reasons.

Save precious time

A CRM can save lots of your precious time by automating tasks, saving your team from challenging data entry. A simple CRM comes with lots of constructive integrations that can sync data from other tools. A simple CRM makes sure you focus more on analyzing the data, rather than wasting time in collecting them.

Customization on a simple CRM for small business

A simple CRM offers lots of customization, therefore you can set up a workflow and automate the entire process. Setting up a sales process can improve productivity and close more deals for a sales team. A CRM should be flexible enough to work it.

Collaboration on a simple CRM for small business

A simple CRM makes sure that your teammates stay on the same page. Members can easily share information, assign activities, check out deal progress, and take follow-ups, all from a common cloud environment. With features like Shared Inbox, teammates can stay on the same page with the deal progress.


A basic CRM for small business should match their needs. It is obvious that cost is one of the most important factors for any small business or startup. With a CRM, you can get all the necessary features to run your business, at an affordable price. A simple CRM should help you grow your small business at a cost you can afford.


Any basic CRM will make sure that you are connected with all the essential apps. Hence, you’ll find CRM with a lot of integration to fetch important data. That helps you focus more on sales and close more deals. Besides, a simple CRM should offer integrations with Gmail, therefore, you can bring down all your email conversations.

More closed deals

All the features of a simple CRM will lead you to close more sales deals. With easy-to-use CRM, you can move forward with the sales process. More deal closing leads to more customers, therefore the growth of your business. For this reason, CRM has become an essential tool for revenue generation in the last decades.

Contact management in a Simple CRM for Small Business

Contact management from a simple CRM helps you track deals, assign or create activities and much more. It is a key part of why CRM is important. You can dig any details about your contacts from a single screen with this feature, we call it 360° Customer View. You will get to see a timeline of contacts composing every small action, therefore, you get the exact idea of ongoing deals.

Sales pipeline

A simple CRM lets you visualize the sales pipeline and prioritize all deals so, you can close more deals effectively. The sales pipeline is extremely easy-to-use, simply drag & drop the deals in the appropriate stage, so you can get a clear bigger picture of the deals. You can also forecast sales behavior with our lightweight CRM.

Activity management in a Simple CRM for Small Business

A simple CRM lets you keep track of every activity that is important in sales conversion. You can share activities with teammates or assign them, therefore, every member can stay on the same page. You will receive notifications on important notes, hence you can never miss an update. In addition, activities are also reflected in the contact timeline.

crm-small-business-freeDigital Evolution

Our all-in-one CRM solution includes a built-in marketing suite, letting you manage your campaigns directly from the CRM and integrate with your sales, aka sales digitalization. You can generate leads directly from your website and create automated campaigns. Then go further to streamline your processes with integration to the other systems you use for increased efficiency and productivity. To start this might be your accounting software, automating your daily workflow processes.

Build Great Relationships

Find every customer, contact, and communication instantly. Track your leads and automate your sales process. Keep on the ball by setting tasks and appointments hence you never miss another sale. We want your business to succeed, for this reason, a simple CRM includes free customer support and loads of free resources.

Foundation for Collaboration

Create an effortless organization with a centralized hub, where everything is in one place. A simple CRM software gives full visibility of your customer interactions and builds upon the strength of your team and relationships. Designed for small teams working B2B, our CRM is easy to set up and simple to use.

Knowledge Is Power in Simple CRM for Small Business

View and track your sales from inquiry to close and automate your processes to prioritize your best leads. Gain valuable insights from your customer data with detailed reports and analysis. Customize your CRM by adding your own fields so you can quickly find your data and create individual dashboards that highlight what’s important to you.

The built-in virtual phone system

You don’t have to spend on separate virtual phone systems anymore. A simple CRM has a robust virtual phone system built-in. You have to pick a virtual phone number of your choice and start connecting with your clients, without leaving the CRM. Besides, you can record calls, get a detailed activity report, check out calling history, and much more!

Smart reports

A simple CRM makes sure you have solid data on your hands, therefore, you can make informed decisions. In a simple CRM, you can generate or edit reports like; sales activity reports, pipeline & revenue reports, call reports, and custom reports of your choice.

Shared inbox in a Simple CRM for Small Business

Workplace collaboration should improve productivity and can help you close more sales deals. You can keep all your members on the same page with the deal progress with a shared team inbox feature. The admin will still have control over who can follow the conversation. A shared team inbox makes sure every member receives the update of the conversation.


You can use Prosoftly CRM Software to organize your business relationships.