Task Management – Crucial Process for Growth of Companies

task management

Business management is the art of holding employees together and directing them to the same goal. Firstly, a manager should ensures employees' awareness of the goal's frame. Each person in company should has necessary motivations. Nonetheless, every business should plan their steps, according to where they want to reach. Surely, there can be many areas that a company's aims contain. If these areas and employees are divided into efficient parts, it will be easier to take the path of achievement. Dividing into efficient parts depends on tasking well. Managers should choose each task carefully to each employee, or team. Instead, these tasks should be remainly followed-up. Tasking and following-up are main subjects of task management.

What is Task Management?

Life, and especially business-life is total of processes. There's a situation that any company usually encounters. Situation that there may not be an action about leaving the comfort-zone throughout a process. Thus, process transforms to loop. That means, you will be at the point where you were at the beginning. This is exactly unexpected result for a business. But, how can a company avoid from unexpected results? Task management seems very efficient in this manner. Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. Namely, determining of tasks is the first step of cycle. Determining contains carefully planning. Each task should serves company's long-term goals. Thus, managers should plan each employee's, or team's schedule.

After, planning ends, and testing enters the cycle. Testing should be well-defined in order to benefit from it. Instead, testing requires controlling both employee's skills, and task's feasibility. Decision of when testing stage is completed depends on firm's necessities. It may changes over companies. Yet, a good manager can notice it. Thus, tasks are delegate to employees. The most important stage rises.

Tracking: Getting Better Results

Afterwards, managers should track tasks' progression. Factly, tracking is the most cruical step for getting well results. If tracking does not promote carefully, all of plans may suffered due to inner, or outer reasons. Inner reasons mean employees' neglection. Any manager does not want to face neglection. Furthermore, outer reasons mean some factors that are not considered while planning. This is a normal situation needs to a solution. In short, tracking is very necessary to get better results.

At last, companies should not omit reporting. Whatever realized, process should be reported. Thus, it can be easy to benefit from experience of old processes. Managers can make their new action-plans according to reports. That's the brief explanation of task management process. However, why professionals should benefit from it? Let's deeply focus on this issue.

Why is it Essential?

task managementImprovement and sustainability are two core elements for the growth of a company. Indeed, improvement depends on taking action against the results of a process. Yet, sustainability improves the whole business in long-term. So, sustainability is the most important issue, and it deserves deep-examining.

Sustainability is such a phenomenon that can not be ignored in operation of business. It does not only consider 'now', but also the future! "Nowadays, we're working on a solution, and everything is going well." But, your product, or your solution can challenge with future's perception? Will your company attain same success next year, or next decade? Being careful on tasking is very cruicial when we look at this point. Therefore, task management shines like the sun for sustainability of a company's success.

Thus, every business involves series of tasks. No matter how big or small the business is, the success or failure of the works depends on the execution plan and the order in which the tasks are fulfilled. It takes a great deal of skill to do this well. Moreover, the time invested in building tasking-system can pay off greatly and helps to achieve goals on time within the resource constraints. It is grateful serving for one who uses the system that organizes, schedules and delegates tasks. Surely, it is an easy step for company owners to obtain the success of the process.

In short, there may be another words about necessity of task management. However, I guess it is almost understood due to explaining below. We may carry the subject to another level. Nominately, Prosoftly has task management tool. We carefully thought about the solution for companies. Then, we initialized to make it easy-usable, and flexible. Consequently, we created Task Management module to put into the service.

Features of Task Management in Prosoftly

At first, Prosoftly's monitor helps everyone in company to see each other's task. If leader, or managers want to hide, it is also possible. Yet, managers can get all information about tasks, chronogically. Thanks to this, situation can be controlled, and followed-up much easily.

Also, anyone can schedules tasks. One who charging can enter due date. Moreover, it is beneficial to put remainder. Because there are many tasks for anyone, sometimes remainders may be life-saver. In our tool, there's e-mail remainder. You can enter e-mail remainder date while tasking. Thus, there will be sent a remainder automatically to employee's registered e-mail. Thanks to this, employee can arrange more carefully.

Classification of Tasking Type

Instead, according to task's performing manner, you can classify it. There are 3 type in Prosoftly, including Call, E-mail, To do. When owner of task looks at dashboard, s/he can see class of task.

task management

Specification of Status

Prosoftly has also specification of status. Thus, anyone can directly see last status of task. There're 3 option of this feature. For progressing situation, option is In Progress. If task realized successfully, option can be revised as Done. Apart from this, if any task did take place in the past, Past Due is necessary option.

task management in business

Furthermore, you can add some notes for task. Both of tasked one, and charged one can attain necessary notes while process. Thus, every point can comes into mind, and process continues without any missings.

Competition and Follow-Up  

Trade can make everyone better off. This is one of ten principles of Microeconomics, according to Mankiw. Nonetheless, we can say that competition can make everyone better in a company. Because each task can be seen by anyone, kind of sweet-competition occurs. Prosoftly gives chances to each employee to become prominent.

In addition, managers have to follow-up the progression of process. Thus, if there's a necessary remark, or announcement, they can easily make.


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