Telecommuting AKA Remote Work Career Advice: Free Online Courses 

Telecommuting also known as remote work, is defined as the work relationship established in written within the scope of the work organization created by the employer, and based on the principle of performing the work at home or out of the workplace with technological communication tools.


And the way of working, which has been widely applied due to COVID-19, has started a new era in both the public and private sectors. The method of telecommuting, has disadvantages besides its advantages. It comes to the agenda with the question of how the employees will maintain their efficiency in this period.


You may be experiencing telecommuting for the first time in your life. As before, you can carefully prepare yourself  and go to your workplace and drink your morning coffee with your colleagues, which is quite normal. However, it is in your hands to make your new way of working enjoyable by accepting the situation.


Ultimately, before COVID-19, there were a lot of companies using the telecommuting and it is known that the method will be used much more in the future. That is why it will be in your favor to learn to keep up with the new way of working and to increase your efficiency.


Although it sounds attractive working with pajamas without getting stuck in the traffic, the work continues in the same way. This requires providing the same discipline and motivation.


Here are some advices with online courses to take the advantage of telecommuting, while we are facing with a pandemic.


-Time Management in Telecommuting Courses:

Time management is what we need right now than it is in normal time. Preparing a checklist at the beginning of the day and preparing a daily working schedule and adhering to the schedule in question will be useful in terms of efficiency. Meanwhile, to evaluate the time well, the time can be a technique we can recommend the Pomodoro Technique. The person can use this method partially or if it is suitable for work intensity in his entire working hours. In this method, you can do individual motivation-enhancing activities in short break slices, such as coffee breaks, sweet snacks, taking care of your pet if any, short walking or surfing on short social media. It may still be useful to record the work done at the end of the day and their duration. To get better on time management you can take these free online courses below:





-Goal Setting Courses:

We can say that the greatest feature of success in human life is to set goals. Claude Bernard said beautifully: “The experimenter who does not know what he is looking for will not understand what he finds.” In studies in the USA, when more than 100 successful women and men have been examined for 20 years, show that: one of the fifteen items identified as the basis of their success is to set goals. For goal setting there is a widely used technique called OKR. Google, Intel, and many others have been using this technique and reach the success. So how can you set goals and what should you do to reach for your dreams, let’s check the link below:



-Concentration and Focus in Telecommuting:

In our lives, which are accelerating from good to good, we have a hard time stopping and concentrating on things with the influence of social media. This free online course may come as a kiss of life for those who are familiar to the constant flow of things.




Reasons such as comfort, unplannedness or inactivity  that being at home causes; significantly reduces the energy of home workers. Of course, all this does not make you think that everyone who works from home has problems or will fail for the same reasons. Because self-employed entrepreneurs who take precautions and learn to motivate themselves have almost no problems with motivation. If you are facing the problems I mention above or if you plan to work from home in the future, I strongly recommend you the course. If we agree on this, let’s start watching this course:



-Customer Relationship Management while Telecommuting:

Customer relationship management is the creation of the right strategies by ensuring that companies meet with customers correctly. It enables you to reach your target customers easily with the right planning and comprehensive analysis. Especially with the loss of the importance of mass marketing today, the importance of customer relations management has increased. Thanks to the developing communication technologies, mass marketing has left its place to individual marketing. Thus this is resulting in significant increases in efficiency. In our blog there are some tips I have talked before, you can easily add these tips to your telecommuting routine.


To move your client management skills one step forward: use a CRM software, and why not give a change to ours?

-Project Management:

Management is generally defined as a process which the interlocking function of planning, organizing, controlling, decision making, and directing an organization resources such as human resources, financial, physical, and information. Management consist of several interwoven competencies or distinct types of features. Such as setting and reaching goals in an effective and efficient way.

As Prosoftly, we have business management solutions like Workflow Management, Client Portal, Document Management and so on. So after finishing the online course, why don’t you come and try them for free?

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Telecommuting is becoming an increasingly pursuing career path. And by doing so, it provides more job opportunities for many people globally than traditional work. People have a higher motivation and reflection of this in their work is positive. Those who work in this way have the freedom of being able to work whenever and wherever they want. And have to establish a work-life balance by taking time for themselves.